about us

Karen Moniz - Creative Director

Karen has spent most of her life in the service and entertainment field. Possessing her Bachelors Degree in Dramatic Arts from McMaster University in Hamilton, she is truly a song and dance gal. She started her creative career spending much of her time in musical productions, whether on stage or behind the scenes. Then the dance floor called to her and so continued her love affair with the arts.

Karen began teaching at The Fred Astaire Dance Studio chain in the summer of 1996 and after two years quickly made her way to the big city of Toronto and The Arthur Murray organization. For the next three years, she enjoyed a full load of teaching the world to dance as well as fulfilling her own passion to compete and perform.

Being on the dance floor was like magic...

She traveled North America competing and studying her craft and soon decided it was time to go it on her own. Karen is now involved with many associations and high schools with her own company called Come Dancing!! sharing her love of dance with others.

While competing she took on a position in the hospitality industry working in a local hotel. Here is where she strengthened her organizational talents, filling the role as sales associate and event coordinator. It is here that she came up with yet another creative aspect to her business. That was to make it an all round treasure chest of entertainment; including dance instruction for weddings, DJ services for special events and finally, live musical entertainment as she is also one of the lead vocalists in a Top 40 cover band called THE JOHN STREET BAND. Karen is also involved in an original musical project called NOWHERE GIRL (www.nowheregirlmusic.com) where she writes and sings most of the material.

Karen's vision continues to grow and she strives to provide the best services possible!