Art Gallery - Winter 2017 Exhibit


Kimberly Schweitzer

Our newest artist has arrived!

Want a closer look? Come on down to the studio and let you eyes behold the wonderful work of Kim Schweitzer.

Winter exhibit on until March 30th, 2017.

See you soon!


Kimberley Schweitzer ...paints because she can.

I paint because it takes me away to another world where everything is beautiful, vibrant and dreams come true. I paint because it amazes me that I can. That my hands and my eyes instinctively know what to do without ever being trained and that every time I pick up a paintbrush I improve 10 fold from the last time I painted which is usually months in between and yet my body remembers and somehow improved drastically.

I paint because it amazes me. I paint because something about it makes others happy. I was gifted with several abilities… but painting is the one that fascinates me the most. I honestly believe that my paintings can capture an emotion. I always aim to capture a positive emotion so that if ever anyone were to hang one of my paintings on their wall that the area in which that painting encompasses is brightened by it’s very existence.

I want to paint the profound, the political the mysterious to create dialect, make a statement and put an image to my thoughts but when I finally touch brush to canvas the only images I can create encompass happiness, beauty, passion, innocence and whimsy. Because ultimately since I was a child the only thing I have ever wished for over and over again is “happiness”. So I do not focus on the negative, the sad, the anger, the despair, the regret because focusing on it long enough to capture it in paint would be to give it more credit then it deserves. And I do not wish to create anything that would cause another to look upon it and feel those emotions.

I paint because it brings me joy, and I want anyone who experiences my work to feel that joy.

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